Fun Friday!
Posted on 01/29/2021
Fun Friday

Hello Southwest Families,

We would like to continue our Fun Fridays to celebrate all the students hard work each week. Participation is not required. Remote learners are also encouraged to participate. If you want to post a photo of your students in their Fun Friday gear doing their school work on the Facebook page please do so.


  • 2/5    Hat Day
  • 2/12 Mismatch Day
  •  March 2nd (this is a Tuesday) but we always do Dr Seuss day on his Birthday!
  • May 4th - May the 4th(force) Be with you Day
  • March 5th  -  Southwest Gear! School spirit day

  • March 12th  - Book character day

  • March 19th  - Disney Day

  •  March 26th -  Crazy socks day

  •  April 9th – Sports day (wear your favorite sports attire)

  •  April 16th -  Career day (What do you want to be when you grow up?)

  •  April 23rd -  Tacky Tourist

  •  April 30th – Crazy Hair day

  •  May 7th  Nerd Day

  •  May 14th  Decade day

  •  May 21st Mustache day

  •  May 28th Inside out/Backwards day


  • June 4th – Freaky Friday (Students dress like your teacher, Teachers dress like your students!)